Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prerna Lal

Country of origin: Fiji

While technically she is from Fiji, Prerna Lal grew up in the United States.

Prerna's parents are permanent residents. Prerna is the grand-daughter of U.S. citizens. In fact, Prerna is the only undocumented person in four generations of American citizens. Four generations! Prerna was also a legal resident until she became an adult before her family's petition finished processing (a process she had no control over).


By every right, she should be an American citizen:

I am sharing with you the story of Prerna Lal. Her story is similar to so many Dream Students. When she was a small child, she was brought into our country legally, by her parents, who were here legally. Due to circumstances beyond her control, she is now in illegal status, struggling to stay here, in the only country she has ever known. ALL of her family is here legally, including her siblings. Her entire family is American. Now, due to questionable legal interpretation issues, she may be deported to a land she has never known.


She is a sumna cum laude graduate in Political Science and International Relations, currently attending law school at The George Washington University. Please go sign the petition to stop deportation proceedings.

To find out more about Prerna Lal and the outstanding work she is currently engaged in, see this link on change.org (where she is a frequent contributor). You may also want to visit dreamactivist.org, which she helped found, which is described as a multicultural, migrant youth-led, social media hub for the movement to pass the DREAM Act and pursue the enactment of other forms of legislation that aim to mend the broken immigration system.

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