Thursday, May 5, 2011

Emilie Boon

Country of origin: Netherlands

Emilie Boon is an American children's author and illustrator. She was born in the Netherlands and has studied at the Royal Academy of Art at The Hague. Her books include Belinda's Balloon and the Peterkin series. She currently lives in Newton, Massachusetts. Her books have been published in English, Dutch, Finnish, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, and Spanish.

To read more about Emilie Boon, visit her page on Wikipedia.


  1. Would it be possible for you to tag the entries with country of origin?

  2. Yeah I need to figure out how tagging works...

    Though if you want to search for a particular country, you could always use the "search this blog" google thingy in the upper right hand corner, with "country of origin: germany" or whatever....

  3. Except of course that doesn't seem to work very well :-|

  4. Actually fixing it is pretty easy, so I'll go back and tag old posts, and see if I remember to do it with new posts. Now I gotta figure out how best to display all the countries....

  5. Thanks! It is neat to see which countries have been represented so far and which have had the most entries.


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