Friday, August 12, 2011

Rosika Schwimmer

Country of origin: Hungary

Rosika Schwimmer or Bédy-Schwimmer "Rózsa" Rózsika (1877–1948) was a Hungarian-born pacifist, feminist and female suffragist.

Rosika Schwimmer was born on September 11, 1877 to a Jewish family in Budapest in Austria-Hungary. She studied music and languages but when family finances deteriorated 1896, she began to work as a bookkeeper.

In 1897 Schwimmer founded the Hungarian Feminist Association, helped to found Hungarian National Council of Women, later organized the first Women's Trade Union in Hungary and was a board member in the Hungarian Peace Society. In 1913 she became a corresponding secretary of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance (IWSA). Schwimmer toured Europe with Carrie Chapman Catt to lecture on female suffrage. She also edited magazine A No (The Woman). In 1909, the Minister of the Interior appointed her to the governing board of child welfare.

To read more about Rosika Schwimmer, visit her page on Wikipedia.

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