Friday, June 3, 2011

Kirk P. Kalemkeris

Country of origin: Greece

Dr. Kirk P. Kalemkeris M.D., an oncologist specializing in cancer surgery, pursued his medical studies at Aristotelian University Medical School.

Born in Thessaloniki, Dr. Kalemkeris attended the Saint Anastasia Seminary in Chalkidiki for four years before going to medical school in Thessaloniki. He studied at the Aristotelian University for three years, but had to interrupt his studies to serve the Greek Army during the Greek Civil War, after which he returned to Thessaloniki to complete the 6-year program. After graduating from medical school, he started a general practice in Greece and applied to the University of Kentucky as an exchange doctor. He completed 5 years of training for general surgery there, and he then attended the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Medicine in Philadelphia and became a fellow there. He then spent one year in Walpole, Massachusetts to specialize in oncological surgery.

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