Sunday, January 22, 2012

Abuhena Saifulislam

Country of origin: Bangladesh
Abuhena Saifulislam or Abu Hena Saiful Islam, (Bengali: আবু হেনা সাইফুল ইসলাম), (born 1963) spelled as Abuhena Saifulislam in U.S. records, a Bangladeshi by birth, is the first Muslim appointed as an imam chaplain in the United States military. Born in 1963, Abu Hena went to the USA in 1989 for higher studies. He studied at the Southern New Hampshire University and received his MBA degree in 1992. That same year he joined the United States Marine Corps. Earlier he had applied for immigration to America by participating in the DV Lottery. He was granted US citizenship towards the end of 1995 while he was working in the U.S. Navy in the payroll and accounting department. After obtaining citizenship, Saiful launched his drive to become an imam in the Navy Chaplain Corps, which provides chaplains to the Marine Corps, a part of the Department of the Navy.
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