Monday, January 16, 2012

Daniel Zacapa

Country of origin: Honduras
Daniel Zacapa (born 1954) is an American trilingual actor, community activist, and ex-class A San Francisco Giants baseball player. He played the role of Detective Taylor in the 1995 David Fincher film, Seven. Daniel Zacapa has worked steadily from the 1970s to the 1990s, amassing a series of television credits, as well as roles in Up Close and Personal. The eldest of five children in a single parent household, Daniel Zacapa was born in Honduras as Garret Pearson, and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. As a high school student working in a mental health center with emotionally handicapped children, Zacapa saw that loving attention and respect could make a huge impact in a person's life. This understanding became the springboard for commitment in supporting youth to become expressive, responsible achievers of their own dreams. Regularly speaking to youth, Zacapa believes that, "Young people are so eager for adults to engage them on their level. Children long to be seen for their own uniqueness and need encouragement from adults to find their own path."
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